Can you swallow your tongue ?

Many of you have heard stories of people being saved from swallowing their own tongue. Is this something possible in reality?

No, it is physically impossible to swallow your tongue. The latter is attached to the base of the mouth, making it impossible to swallow it. In addition, the muscles in the mouth and throat work together to prevent such an occurrence.

Credit : Eric Peacock

Indeed, the tongue is attached to the bottom of the mouth by a band of tissue called the frenulum. Even if someone tries to forcibly push their tongue back, the frenulum will prevent it from being swallowed.

Additionally, it is a muscle and would require a significant amount of force to dislodge it from its attachment. Attempting to do so could cause serious injury and should be avoided.

Moreover, it serves important functions such as tasting, swallowing, and speaking, and any attempts to alter its position can affect these abilities. In rare cases, people may experience a reflex that causes the tongue to briefly move to the back of the mouth, but it quickly returns to its normal position.

Can it happen during a seizure ?

However, there is a common misconception that a person can accidentally swallow their tongue during a seizure. This is not true. During a seizure, the muscles in the mouth and throat may relax, causing the tongue to move to the side of the mouth. A person experiencing a seizure should be placed on their side to prevent them from choking on their own saliva.

In rare cases, a person may have a condition called ankyloglossia, also known as “tongue-tie.” This is when the frenulum is shorter than usual, limiting movement in the area. This can make it difficult to eat, speak, and even swallow. However, even in these cases, it is still impossible to swallow the tongue.

Overall, swallowing your tongue is a myth and should not be a concern. It is important to educate yourself and others on the facts and to seek proper medical attention if needed. You can visit other sections about health to learn more.

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